Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Malaysia 2015 10 & 11 April 2015, Arena of Stars

Genting Highlands, 17 February 2015 – In line with Genting’s 50th Anniversary, the “Asian Dancing King” and one of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, Aaron Kwok will be bringing a stunning musical and visual extravaganza to Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting on 10 & 11 April 2015 (Friday & Saturday), 8.30pm that is sure to wow his legion of fans here in Malaysia!

The talented Aaron Kwok is best known for his energetic live performance. At this concert, get ready for yet another creatively choreographed performance, delivered with impeccable techniques. The highlights of the evening would see not only Aaron in his electrifying tunes, but for the first time stunning 3D visual effects added to spice up this concert.  The concert promises audiences an eye-opening experience.

This well-known Hong Kong singer and actor first tried to break into the entertainment scene back in the 1980s as a backup dancer in music videos and variety shows, but it was his appearance in a Taiwanese television commercial for Honda that attracted widespread public attention, paving the way for a musical career in Taiwan. The first three albums he released featured Mandopop songs, including the song “Loving You Forever”. This song, and its signature dance moves, was an instant success and propelled him to stardom.

His career continued to flourish even after he moved back to Hong Kong and his popularity soared to a fever pitch. It was during this time that he was crowned as the “Asian Dancing King” and named one of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, thus cementing his position as one of Hong Kong and Asia’s top superstars. He has received numerous awards over the years including the award for Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Male Artist and the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Award. He has also performed over 200 sold-out concerts in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Singapore, and Malaysia, just to name a few.
Besides singing, Aaron Kwok also carved a name for himself in the film industry with roles in a wide range of films. His reputable acting skills did not go unnoticed and he was awarded the Golden Horse Award for best actor for two consecutive years, becoming only the second actor to achieve this feat.

Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Malaysia 2015 will be held for two consecutive days so don’t miss this opportunity to catch your idol in action! Tickets are priced at RM 890 (VVIP), RM 690 (VIP), RM 510 (PS1), RM 390 (PS2), RM 270 (PS3), and RM 150 (PS4). A 10% discount will be extended to all Genting Rewards Members, applicable to all price scales. Be a Genting Rewards member now and enjoy exclusive discounts on our shows. Registration is easy and it’s FREE!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Exclusive Dom Perignon Dine Out at Genting Club

World’s famous champagne Dom Perignon paired with Genting Club recently to introduce Dom Perignon P2 Vintage 1988 to 18 exclusive guests from Malaysia.  Charles Antoine Picart from Asia Pacific of Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon flew in together with two-Michelin Chef de Cuisine, Pascal Tingaud for this exclusive introduction.

Use of the finest ingredients, two-Michelin star Chef Pascal Tingaud started the gourmet journey with Langoustine, Papaya & Caviar Tartare paired by Dom Perignon Blanc Vintage 20014, followed by Chilean Seabass with Shellfish Juice paired with Dom Perignon P2 Vintage 1998 and Guineafowl with Ginger Red Curry paired by Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2003.  The course ends with Osmanthus Sorbet paired with Dom Perignon P3 Vintage 1970. The dinner was just right with taste perfectly blended particularly when taken with the paired wines.  “This wine is all about energy, power and precision” says Chef Pascal Tingaud. 

Chef Pascal Tingaud has cooked for some of the world’s most famous personalities including Roger Federar, Leonardo de Caprio, Pharrel Williams, Scarlet Johansson and many more. Yet he remains grounded and says “I cook for everyone, especially my son and wife, who are the most important.”

Influenced by his father and grandfather who were both chefs, since young Chef Pascal Tingaud made the decision to become a chef when he was 12 years old. At the age of 14 he went to a catering school and since then he had worked in Michelin star restaurants and other restaurants in many countries and was appointed chef to the President of France, before returning to his own restaurant L’ Auberge de Conde, a two-Michelin star restaurant in 1984.

At 55 years old, Chef Pascal Tingaud has worked with Dom Perignon for 15 years; many of his dishes were inspired during his travels where he discovered new ingredients and special cuisines. “At Dom Perignon the most important is the quality of the ingredients, we don’t compromise with this. We don’t simply use any ingredient; when we use Olive oil, we use special type of olive oil from Sicilia.  Further the taste and flavor of the dish is very much depending on the vintage of the Dom Perignon.  It makes a lot of difference.”

“Salt is another important ingredient when matching with Dom Perignon.  When you feel the concoction need a bit of boost, just add a little bit of salt. It will change the taste and aroma of the wine immediately.  You will taste the balance between the both, which is very interesting.”

As a foodie, chef prefers simple cooking, but he agrees that simplicity is always the most difficult in cuisine. Second time to Malaysia, chef has started falling in love with this country, “working with Malaysians is great, they are nice and supportive. The team at Resorts World Genting loves to discover new cuisines and new cooking style.  I’m very happy and I would love to come back again.”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Working Behind-The-Scenes

There is a great way now to understand and see how things are done in a hotel, entertainment and dining, through the Behind-The-Scenes tour at Resorts World Genting.  There is the See, Do & Eat Workshop, a visit to the biggest laundry in Malaysia at the First World Hotel, check out how we synchronize the sound and lighting systems at the Genting International Showroom for our shows and get to know the Resort’s history, current and upcoming offerings at the Horizon 50!

Let us take you step by step into this fantastic tour!
First stop, is the See, Do & Eat Workshop.  Like the theme has it, you will see how sushi and cupcakes are made and then get to make them yourself before eating them!  Isn’t that wonderful!!

There will be two commis chefs demonstrating the making of these two favorite dishes. All the items needed for you to prepare these items are available for you to do it yourself. 

If you don’t know what is Commis Chef, let us tell you more.  They are apprentice or junior chefs working with teams of chefs to produce our food.  At the See, Do & Eat Workshop, our commis chefs are our stars!

Next stop is the visit to the biggest laundry in Malaysia!!  We shall not say much as the saying goes ‘seeing is believing’.  But we will give you a hint.  

At the tour, you will be guided on how the linen namely bedsheets, towels, pillow cases and floor mats are transferred from the hotel rooms directly into this laundry.  Before you forget, First World Hotel has 6118 rooms and on a normal day, we have about 90% occupancy.  So we are pretty busy. 
During the tour you will learn that we have different sections where the linen are brought in and then moved to the sorting section.  This will be followed by washing and then drying.  After this, they will be sent for iron and then folding. All these are done by the machine with over 50 attendants assisting in the process.

Meanwhile, a visit to the Genting International Showroom will fascinate you.  Using creativity and with good experience in sound and lights technology, our team of audio engineers synchronize them to make any shows come alive!  They are the heroes behind the scene in ensuring the nightly performance keeps our audience excited.

Last but not least the tour takes all participants to the exclusive Horizon 50.
Horizon 50 is the latest edition at Resorts World Genting. Its venue, a journey through time  spans over 16,000 sq feet, showcasing a glimpse of the past and current as well as great emphasis of what’s to come at the Resort . 

The idea of Horizon 50 was conceptualized in line with Genting's Integrated Tourism Plan where the Resort wanted to have a one-stop venue to share its history, its amazing scale of current operations and its construction of the many new and future projects with its visitors.  The venue besides being informative also offers an ambience that creates a feel of modern futuristic atmosphere complemented by the surroundings of state-of-the-art technology, portraying the groups global expansion and interest in technology.

The structure and setup is by world renowned exhibition designers PICO, whilst the projection and video wall technology are powered and sponsored by Panasonic.  At Horizon 50, visitors can walk around and be amazed by high definition projectors, fly through videos, visual boards, video walls and LED Television screens that are divided into different sections that will take visitors from the humble beginnings of the resort into its 50 years of success and the many more years to come.  Horizon 50 also promises to keep evolving.  New information on the development of the Resort will be featured continuously to keep its visitors well informed.

So now that you know a little more about Behind-The-Scenes tour, do join us to explore in person when you next visit the resort! Visit for more info.