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World renowned chef’s Chateau Wine Dinner at Resorts World Genting Unique food pairings make dining an art

It is not everyday that a world renowned chef comes to town and one is about to grace the halls of Resorts World Genting soon. Chef Frédéric Prouvoyeur from Barton & Guestier, will excite the taste buds of food connoisseurs as he presents Chateau Wine Dinner at The Olive, from 7th August to 10th August 2015.

Chef Frédéric who joined Barton & Guestier as executive chef of Chateau Magnol, Barton & Guestier Guest House, in January 1987, has long been the pride of the 18th century chateau. His luncheons and dinners would feature extraordinary food pairings that make dining such a delightfully unique experience.

Today, the good chef travels the world, exporting his amazing talents as required by outstanding hotels and restaurants that value fine dining as an art.

A graduate of the Culinary School of le Touquet, the chef has stamped his mark at various prestigious restaurants such as the Volkshauss Hôtel in Berne (Switzerland), l’Oustau de Baumanière (5 Forks and 2 Stars Michelin), with renowned Chef Raymond Thuillier on the French Riviera and the Restaurant Le Gamin in London.

For some years, he travelled around the world, delighting guests with his cuisines while he cruised with the Paquet Company on the Massalia and the Mermoz.

At The Olive, Chef Frédéric’s Chateau Wine Dinner, that is set for 6pm-11pm, goes at RM298.00 nett per person (without wine pairing) and RM428.00 nett per person (with wine pairing).  

Guests can expect a memorable culinary experience as the great chef whips out his various masterpieces. There is the six-course Degustation Menu with Salmon Rillettes for appetizer, Scallops Croustillant with a Saffron Sauce for starters, and either Duck Breast Fillets with Pears in Wine Sauce or Tournedos of Beef with Foie Gras in Balsamic Sauce for main course. Diners wrap up the meal with Chocolate Delice for dessert.

Alternatively, diners can opt for special a la carte dishes: Salmon Rillettes for appetizer and Provencale Soup, Sea Terrine with Tomato Sauce or Scallops Croustillant with Saffron Sauce for starters. For main course, diners can choose Seabass Aumoniere, Medallion of Local Fishes and Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce, Chicken Supreme Stuffed with Gambas, Duck Breast Fillets with Pears in Wine Sauce, or Tournedos of Beef with Foie Gras in Balsamic Sauce.

Guests can look forward to unique flavours rendered by the herbs and spices the chef says he likes to use. “I really like to cook fish and the sauces to accompany fish. My favourite herb is basil and among all spices, I prefer curcuma, cumin and piment d’Espelette (pepper from the Pyrenees village of Espelette),” he says.

And does he immediately think of a suitable wine when preparing a recipe? “I always think about the wine when starting a recipe and while handling the ingredients involved. I always imagine the best possible association but it is not always easy,” he says.

His favourite wine: Sauvignon blanc and B&G Sancerre, and Chateau Magnol for red wine.

Those out to savour his dishes should also know he is passionate about menus. “I liked to go to second hand open markets and my collection started with a menu from 1910, and another one from 1890. In the beginning, it was the year and the look of the menu that attracted me but later, it was rather the content of the menu itself, always very inspiring.”

And what to him are the most remarkable changes at the Chateau since he first joined them? “Over the years the Chateau has become a real communication and promotion tool for Barton & Guestier wines, and I really like that. Moreover, the building itself… thanks to the various works that have been realised, it looks more and more beautiful, which adds to the prestige of Barton & Guestier in general.”

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Breaking Fast with the Orang Asli Community at Kampung Sungai Miak, Bentong

Resorts World Genting celebrates Ramadhan with 150 orang asli from Kampung Sungai Miak on 7 July 2015. 50 families consisting of 150 orang asli in the settlement were treated to a scrumptious meal and Hari Raya hampers giveaway.

The event was made merrier with the presence of Mr Paul Baker, Resorts World Genting Deputy Chief Operating Officer who was visiting the Kampung Orang Asli for the very first time while in Malaysia.

Upon his arrival together with Ms Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resort Communications & Public Relations and Ms Tan Kim Lian, Vice President of Human Resources, Resorts World Genting, guest were welcomed with music played using traditional musical instrument made of bamboos.  A crown weaved using leaves were also given to guest as a welcoming gesture from the community.

Also in attendance were Cik Zaharah binti Ismail, Pegawai Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) Parlimen Bentong, Mr Tan You Seng, Pegawai Khas Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia merangkap Ahli Parlimen Bentong, Tok Batin Uda Anak Yusof, heads from other village and also only female village head Puan Sita of Kg Sg Miak.  

In her speech, Ms Katherine Chew said “The breaking fast program is an annual community project initiated by Resorts World Genting to foster relationships with the local community and also to lighten burden of the residents. It is also the very first time for Resorts World Genting to have the event at Kg Sg Miak.” Also in her speech, she expressed appreciation to all WeCare Team volunteers consisting of Resorts World Genting employees who came together in making this event a success.

The program continued with the speech from Cik Zaharah binti Ismail, representative to Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport and Members of the Parliament of Bentong. Ms Zaharah said “The government will continue to support the Orang Asli community in Bentong area. In conjunction with the Raya celebration, there will be an Open House for the public organized by the Menteri Besar of Pahang on the 3rd day of Raya”, added Zaharah.

Apart from preparing meals, hampers consisting food products such as rice, Milo, condensed milk were given out the families. Meanwhile, the goodie bags are for children.  

The program witnessed the performance, the indigenous cultural dance by a group of local teenagers dressed in authentic costumes made of leaves.

As the clock strikes 7.29pm, the prayers were recited and indicated it was time for breaking fast and villagers were invited to enjoy delicacies such as chicken curry, fried fish, sambal sotong just to name a few prepared by chef and We Care Team volunteers.  

The gesture of hampers, goodies and dinner with the residents is hoped to give this community a glimpse of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Celebrations celebrated by many Malaysians.  The event drew its curtain with another round hampers presentation to the other village heads in appreciation for their support towards the event followed by a round of appreciation by Mr Baker to the working crews. 

Something classic, something new: Genting creates mooncakes to remember for Mid-Autumn festival

Excitement is rising in the air at Genting Highlands. It rises to a peak every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival when reunion feasts bring families and friends together for lantern-lit parties to celebrate the full moon.

Mooncakes are a culinary staple of these boisterous festivities, rife with legends such as the tale of Chang’E who rose to the moon after drinking a magic elixir.

What could capture better the mood and taste of the Mid-Autumn celebrations than delectable mooncakes from the chefs of Resorts World Genting, high in the clouds?

Resorts World Genting has established a sweet reputation as a leading maker of the pastry, producing more than 700,000 pieces every year for eager customers of all nationalities.

This year’s selection is particularly significant. To mark Genting’s 50th anniversary, chef Gan Chee Keong has specially created a mooncake shaped after the company’s iconic 50th Anniversary logo.

The distinctive octagonal pastry will strike a chord especially with choc-oholics: it is stuffed with chocolate filling and a whisky-soaked core wrapped in single malted yoke.

Fun flavors have, indeed, become part of the contemporary mooncake repertorie. Chef Gan has added `pop’ cuisine-inspired mooncakes made for the cosmopolitan tastes of today’s consumer.  

The conversation pieces include: Green Tea with Walnut Jingsa, Golden Jade Pandan Paste with Mixed Fruit Skin (including ingredients such as dragon fruit and grapes), Sweet Corn Lotus Paste with Water Chestnut & Beetroot Jingsa, and Blueberry Paste with Single Yolk.

Modern classics include Goh Tong Pu’er Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Durian Lotus Paste, and Assorted nuts `Ng Yan’.

Despite the cutting-edge experimentation, chef Gan relates that the classic flavors – such as `Kam Tui’ (golden ham), Red Bean and Double-yolked Lotus Paste – remain firm favorites, especially for gift-giving.

The seasoned chef pointed out that, in tune with health-conscious trends, Resorts World Genting mooncakes have reduced sugar content. Low Sugar White Lotus Paste is recommended for those who like their mooncakes light and easy.

Mooncake yolks are symbolic of longevity of prosperity: round like the eternal moon, and synonymous with `ong’ (prosperity).

The memories of Mid-Autumn Festival will linger on after the evening is over, together with Resorts World Genting’s delectable mooncakes.

Genting mooncakes are now available priced from RM12 nett. Pastries are individually vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness. Purchases of four pieces come in a free decorative box.

A 20% discount is offered on purchases until 31 July. Bulk purchases of 50 boxes and above are entitled to 30% discount until Sept 27.

Green Tea with Walnut Jingsa

Golden Jade Pandan Paste with Mixed Fruit Skin

Sweet Corn Lotus Paste with Water Chestnut & Beetroot Jingsa

Blueberry Paste with Single Yolk

Chocolate Whisky

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