Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The Raya holidays are just around the corner and we’ve come up with a list of things you can do at Resorts World Genting this festive season.

1. Feast to your heart’s content
For many, the holiday season is a time for tradition and that goes for food as well. At Coffee Terrace, you can tuck into an array of traditional favourites such as rendang, ketupat and many more.

2. Have fun at -6°C
SnowWorld is THE place to chill out. From now until the end of the month, you’ll find that it has been transformed into an icy adventureland themed The Story of ALLICE. During the holidays, our mascots Tabby & Friends will also be there to say ‘hi’ while decked out in their Raya best. If you’re looking for more fun and savings, do check out the Kiddos Combo.

3. Snap a photo with your favourite animated movie character
Meet and greet the lovable characters from everybody’s favourite animated movies. Catch Sid and Diego from Ice Age or help Scrat find his acorn; samba with Nico and Pedro from Rio; and have a little swordplay with Ronin, Nod and Leafmen from Epic.

4. Learn more about RWG
The Behind-The-Scenes Tour is a fun, educational and engaging activity for the entire family. Find out how this leading resort came to be and take a sneak peek into the resort’s daily operations.

5. Add a little magic to your day
The resort’s latest resident show, Peter Marvey: Magician Without Limits, lets you step into a magical world of flight and levitation. In addition to the usual show time of 8.30pm, there will also be matinee shows at 5pm on 27 and 28 July.

Which is your favourite activity at Resorts World Genting? Share with us in the comments section below.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tiger Huang Live in Genting 2014

Taiwanese pop singer Tiger Huang enthralled her fans with her concert at the Genting International Convention Centre, Resorts World Genting on 4 July 2014. 
To the younger generation, Tiger Huang is probably best known due to her appearance on Taiwan’s popular television talent show One Million Star in 2007, but in fact she has been in the music industry for more than thirty years. Greatly talented with good singing techniques and soulful vocals, she recorded her first hit in the 1990s and later spent over 20 years performing in pubs, thus earning her the title ‘Queen of Pub’.
The concert featured a total of 26 tunes ranging from her newest releases to her classic hits and cover songs. Some of the crowd favourites were ‘Hard To Put It Down’, ‘Not Just Friends’, and ‘Alive’. Singing aside, Tiger Huang also kept the crowd entertained with her witty remarks throughout the night. When her fans screamed “Tiger Huang, I love you!”, she replied “Since you bought tickets to my concert, I love you too!”.

The guest artist of the night was Yuming Lai, winner of the second season of One Million Star. After singing ‘Kangding Love Song’ with Tiger Huang, he went on to wow the crowd with his solo performance that included a rock version of ‘You Exist In My Song’ and ‘The Boundless Sea and Sky’.

Tiger Huang saved the best for last and for the encore, she performed two of her most popular hits ‘Only You In My Heart’ and ‘Not So Simple’. A memorable end to a fantastic concert! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best of Seafood & Chinese Cuisine

Adjacent to Hou Mei at Resort Hotel is the Resort’s only seafood restaurant, Resort Seafood. Newly-renovated, the restaurant’s d├ęcor exudes a zen-like calm and elegant charm. The restaurant seats 256 people comfortably. Resort Seafood specialises in live seafood dishes as well as Chinese cuisine. Lovers of seafood will be delighted as the menu presents a wide range of fresh seafood from crabs to lobsters and other intriguing seafood air-flown from countries like Australia, Alaska, and Scotland.  

Claypot Live Crab with Glass Noodles
This signature dish is made with fresh mud crabs imported from Indonesia that are braised with soya sauce, oyster sauce, and chicken stock for three to five minutes before tossing together with the glass noodles. The big, fleshy crab claws are simply heavenly and the thin glass noodles are good for soaking up the savoury broth.

Sauna Prawns
One of Resort Seafood’s signature dishes is Sauna Live Prawns with Pu-erh Tea. The star of the dish—the fresh prawns—are placed over hot Japanese volcano rocks, soaked with pu-erh tea and Chinese wine, then covered for a few minutes before serving. Although the pu-erh tea does not add much in terms of flavour, it does impart a delicate aroma.

Seafood in Layer Pot
We have all had moments where we just want to order everything on the menu. If you’re in that mood, then order the Seafood in Layer Pot, also one of their signature dishes, as it is literally a treasure trove of seafood with scallops, prawns, crabs, and script venus served together. The pot has two layers. The seafood is placed in the top layer and cooked by the steam of the soup (made with chicken broth, Chinese cabbage and ginger) placed in the bottom layer.

Steamed Jade Perch
Some people like fish grilled, fried or steamed. At Resort Seafood, there are various methods of cooking available but we chose to have it simply steamed with soya sauce as we were told that this is the best way to appreciate the taste of the fresh fish. It is said that the Jade Parch is rich in Omega-3 oils, making it exceptionally good for the heart.

Resort Seafood
Level 1, Resort Hotel
Lunch: 12.00 noon – 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

This article was first published in the April - June 2014 issue of Xperience Genting