Friday, September 12, 2014


That’s right; the great Ice Age Adventure is here at Resorts World Genting!

Join Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego and Scrat as they embark on one of the most ICE-traordinary adventures ever! The best things in life are meant to be shared so do bring your friends and family along for a fun and memorable experience at Ice Age Adventure, okay?

If you are planning to come, you’ll want to read on for some fun tips to make the most of your visit.

1. The Selfie Stick (monopod) is a must-have accessory!
Remember the Grammy Awards selfie early this year? Here’s a great chance for you to snap your own memorable usie (group selfie) with your friends and family at more than 30 photography spots with backdrops and props based on the Ice Age movies! Remember to stand slightly further away to get the entire backdrop into the picture frame.

2. Grab a bean bag
Kick back and relax on a bean bag at the Ice Age Theatre while enjoying popular Ice Age short films. Then, participate in our fun Q&A sessions to win limited edition Ice Age Adventure premiums! Make sure you enter the theatre 10 minutes before the show starts so you don’t miss the beginning (and to pick your favourite bean bag!).

3. Strike a creative pose at the trick art photo spots
Let your imagination run wild as you become the hero and heroine of each scene. Next, upload your photos with the hashtag #IceAgeAdventure2014 for a chance to be featured on our Resorts World Genting Facebook page!

4. Hunt for the stamp station
Create your own bookmark by collecting the different Ice Age stamp designs! The stamp stations are scattered around the event area so you’ll need to do a little hunting but we’re sure you’ll find them! Hint: there are six of them in total.

5. Play hide and seek in the Cave Drawing maze
Acorns, acorns, and more acorns! Stepping into the maze is like falling into Scrat’s dreamland! The dizzying circles of endless acorns and the distorting mirrors make this a great place to play hide and seek. When you’ve finally made your way out, remember to leave behind your mark on the walls such as cave drawings, names and short notes.

Now that you have our smart tips, it's time to book your tickets!

Ice Age Adventure is open for a short time only, from now until 26 October, 10.00am until 10.00pm. Visit Ice Age Adventure for more details.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Beautiful lanterns and fun-filled activities have been creating the mood for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration since early August at Chin Swee Caves Temple.  

Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng - Secretary General to Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (7th from Right) posed for a group photo
together with Genting top management, representatives from Embassies, less privileged school children from Batang Kali and
Hanfu Cultural dancers.

Today, two days before the actual day of the Mid-Autumn Festival that falls on 8th September or 15th day of the eight month of lunar calendar, Chin Swee Caves Temple took the opportunity to launch the event with Guest of Honour, Yang Bahagia Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng, Secretary General to Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia with the presence of less privileged school children from Batang Kali and representatives from a number of Embassies, namely His Excellency Ong Keng Yong of Singapore, His Excellency Cho Byungjae of Korea, His Excellency Krit Kraichitti of Thailand, His Excellency Tha Aung Nyun of Myanmar, HE Khamphan Anlavan of Laos, Mr Phan Tuan Nam Counsellor of the Embassy of Vietnam and Mr Gao Wei Director of Culture China. 

Also at the event were Mr Tan Kong Han, President and Chief Operating Officer of Genting Berhad together with Genting Malaysia Berhad’s Mr Paul Baker, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Chia, Executive Vice President and Dato Anthony Yeo.

The event started with a welcome dance by the Hanfu group themed, Autumn Moon in Han Palace.  This was followed by a welcome speech by Dato Anthony Yeo.  In his speech, Dato Anthony said, ‘Chin Swee Caves Temple with its panaromic view of the forest and cool climate all year round is the perfect venue to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.  We started early as this is a much popular celebration decorating the temple with colorful lanterns and fun filled activities for our visitors.’ 

The Chin Swee Caves Temple works very closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in particular MyCeb to promote the temple, not only for meditation and prayers but also as a holiday destination where visitors can enjoy the surroundings of Chin Swee Caves Temple.  The temple has recently added in a brand new meditation hall that is well equipped with seminar and conference facilities.  It has also two meeting rooms and 110 rooms hostel, making this temple the choice of many meditation groups from overseas and locally.

Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng - Secretary General to Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (3rd from Left) launched the Mid Autumn Festival
at Chin Swee Caves Temple, accompanied by Mr Tan Kong Han- President and Chief Operating Officer of Genting Berhad (3rd from Right),
Aaron Chia-Executive Vice President of Genting Malaysia Berhad (2nd from Right), Mr Paul Baker-Deputy Chief Operating Officer of
Genting Malaysia Berhad (1st from Right), Wife to Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng (2nd from Left) and Dato Anthony Yeo- Consultant of Resort Communications & Public Relations (1st from Left). 

After the speech, the event was officially launched by three big hit on the gong by Datuk Dr Ong.  This was immediately followed by prize presentation of the Chin Swee Cave Temple photography competition, which was promoted since 4th August.  The best picture went to Mr Lee Shing Yaw whose picture offers a very serene feeling of the part temple with wavery clouds in the sky and at the same time calm clouds just below the temple.  He went home with RM1300 worth of prizes that includes one night stay at the First World Hotel, cash prize of RM600, tickets to Peter Marvey and Snowworld and also to the Bowling centre at First World Plaza. 

1st runner-up, Kenny Kok Wing Keong’s work was a black and white picture, with mother and daughter kneeling down praying to Buddha. He went home with prizes worth RM900 and 2nd runner up, Mr Sui Kok Teng’s picture is also a black and white picture of the entire outdoor giant Buddha.  He took home RM600 worth of prizes.

Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng - Secretary General to Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (2nd from Right) was taken for a tour of the stalls
and mooncake making demonstration.

After the event the group was taken for a tour of the stalls and mooncake making demonstration followed by a vegetarian luncheon at the Chin Swee Caves Temple restaurant.

For those who wish to visit Chin Swee Caves Temple to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, you may refer to this post.  Some of the highlights are merchandise stalls and food bazaar, fun games and activities, colouring contest, singing competition, photography contest, mooncake-making demonstrations and special appearances by Hua Xia Cultural performances from 6th September to 8th September.

Information on Chin Swee Caves Temple is available on or call 03-6105 9617. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


It’s that time of the year again where the moon is at its fullest and brightest, the best tea set is dug out from storage and put to use, lanterns are lit and hung up, and family and friends gather to eat mooncakes.

That’s right; the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us!

For those who wish to have a cool Mid-Autumn celebration like no other, check out the array of activities we have lined up for this special occasion.

Over at Chin Swee Caves Temple, the celebrations begin from 6th until 8th September 2014 where the programme includes mooncake-making demonstrations, merchandise and food bazaar, cultural performances, competitions and fun games. For a quick and convenient journey to the temple, just hop on one of the shuttle buses available from 9am until 9pm at First World Hotel Lobby (every 30 minutes) and Maxims Hotel Lobby (every 15 minutes).

Many of us grew up listening to the older generation telling the stories of Chang Er and Hou Yi, the Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang. Regardless how true these legends may be, they were stories that everybody enjoyed listening to. And now, the characters of these well-known legends have come to life! Catch them at the Panasonic Walkway, Genting Grand Open Car Park from 16th August until 5th September, 3pm until 10pm and 6th until 9th September, 5pm until 12 midnight.

What would Mid-Autumn Festival be without mooncakes? Here at Resorts World Genting, our master chefs have once again surprised us with their expertly crafted mooncakes. Be it traditional or innovative, they have got it nailed.

Highly recommended is our latest flavour of mooncake to hit the shelves—Goh Tong Pu-er Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. Imparting a subtle aroma of fragrant Pu-er tea, this treat is so scrumptious that it has become the talk of the town.

Feeling adventurous? Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Then give our Coconut Nyonya Shrimp with Lotus Paste a try for within its seemingly ordinary golden crust is a rich lotus paste given an extra kick with the infusion of sambal.

Meanwhile, snowskin mooncake-lovers will rave over the delightful Snow Skin Pandan with Tiramisu Paste and Snow Skin Orange with Lotus Paste.

Our mooncakes can be purchased at Genting Palace, Cloud 9 Entrance, Good Friends Restaurant, Resort Hotel Lobby, Hainan Kitchen and Resorts World OneHub until 8th September.

For more information, visit or call +603 - 6101 1118.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!