Thursday, May 14, 2015

HITMAN David Foster & Friends Asia Tour 2015 Press Conference

In conjunction with its 50th anniversary, Resorts World Genting presents a glittering evening featuring David Foster and his superstar friends.

The concert, part of Foster’s tour titled “HITMAN David Foster & Friends Asia Tour 2015”, will be held at Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting, on 14 August 2015, 9pm.

It will be Foster’s first ever performance at the resort, and the man himself was present at today's press conference held to announce the concert. His showmanship took everyone by surprise when he spontaneously played the love theme from St Elmo’s fire on the piano.

It was a taste of what to expect from his upcoming concert, and it surely drew the desired response from the many excited fans present at the press conference. Their beaming faces spoke volumes of their level of anticipation, having also been selected for an autograph and photo opportunity with Foster.

A total of 50 fans were lucky enough to be invited to join the press conference, having been selected from a contest run in The Star, NST, Lite FM and Resorts World Genting Facebook.
"David Foster and Friends", as suggested by the concert title, will also showcase other famed artistes, namely Peter Cetera of rock band Chicago fame, Natalie Cole, Boyz II Men, Ruben Studdard and Jackie Evancho.
Mr Paul Baker, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Resorts World Genting who played host at the event said Foster’s claim to fame is a story most Malaysians are already familiar with. He said the singer needs no introduction, having long stamped his mark as a musician, songwriter, composer, music arranger, producer and recording artist. The concert will be one of the grand highlights of Genting’s 50th Anniversary celebration this year.

Foster’s achievements are phenomenal. He has won 16 Grammy Awards and three Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. He is a star maker in his own right, having played a key role in the discovery of such superstars as Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Michael Buble.

Foster’s concerts have earned high acclamation, featuring live performances by him and some of the biggest names in the music industry.

“HITMAN David Foster & Friends Asia Tour 2015” is surely a concert not to be missed.
Tickets for the concert are priced at RM2,108 (VVIP), RM1,618 (VIP), RM1,168 (PS1), RM788 (PS2), RM498 (PS3) and RM298 (PS4), inclusive of GST.

A 10% discount on ticket price is extended to all Genting Rewards Members, applicable only to VVIP and VIP price scales.

Be a Genting Rewards member now and enjoy exclusive discounts on all Genting shows. Registration is easy and it’s free!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[BEHIND-THE-SCENES] More hands-on experience starting this May

Starting in May, we are adding one new venue to the Behind-The-Scenes tour to make your exploration trip with us more interesting.  The new venue, SnowWorld offers much excitement.  Read on to find out.
The Lovers’ Cave inside the snow chamber will be transformed into a science playground where we will share you the magic of snow physics! Be amazed with the simple science experiment and have fun in the colour mixing session, where you can DIY some “rainbow snow” in this snow making workshop!

Check out what you can do with your snow!
1.       Make a rainbow snow jar
2.       Create a winter wonderland with your toys for some snow scenery photo
3.       Add some authentic “snowy” look on your holiday decoration

In the new See, Do & Eat workshop, make your own sushi bento together with our chefs. Kids will love this session as our chefs will teach them to make creative bento lunchbox full of adorable characters!

That’s not all, give yourself a tasty treat when you DIY doughnut from a variety of yummy ingredients.
If you’re looking for some engaging activities at the Resort, do join our Behind-The-Scenes tour where you can take a sneak peek into our daily operations.  While learning you will have fun in these educative activities specially arranged for you and your family!  Our friendly crew members are always at your service and ready to assist you!

Price per person:
Normal price – RM28        
Genting Rewards member – RM25

*Price is inclusive of 6% GST. Child 4 years old and below is free of charge.

Book the tour online to enjoy special price! Terms & Conditions apply.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#Episode 1 : Cook-It-Yourself Recipe

Fried Pork Spare Ribs With Almond Flakes and Coffee Sauce

Ingredients :
Cooking oil
Pork Spare Ribs                    1kg (cut into pieces of 4 inches)
Almond flakes        

Marinade :
Shao Xing Wine                    1 Tbsp
Light Soya Sauce                  1 Tbsp
Almond Juice                        1 cup
Sugar                                      1 Tbsp
Salt                                          1 Tbsp
Sesame oil                             1 Tsp
Egg                                          1 nos
Plain flour              1 Tbsp
Custard power      1 Tbsp
Bicarbonate of soda            1 Tbsp
Corn Flour             100g  ( add In last )

Sauce :
Honey                                    10ml
Orange juice                         10ml
Baileys Irish  Cream             30ml
Kahlua Coffee                       30ml
Coffee Rough Aik Cheong 

Methods :

1.       Mix spare ribs with marinade sauce. Marinade for 2 hours.
2.       Hit oil in wok. 
3.       Put spare ribs into the wok one by one and fry until golden brown.
4.       Dish and drain.
5.       In a separate clean wok, pour sauce and cook for 2 minutes until sauce is thicken.
6.       Put in fried spare ribs.  Stir fry to mix well with sauce. Dish up and garnish them with sliced roasted almonds flakes
7.       Ready to be served.

Remark: The recipe ingredients is sufficient to serve for 10 pax.

Fresh Prawns with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Fruits & Salad Platter

Prawns                                      500gm
Mixed fruit                               150gm
Mixed vegetable                      100gm
Cooking oil                              600gm
Wheat flour                              300gm
Egg                                           1nos         
Salmon roe                               10gm

Salt                                           1/3 tsp
Sugar                                        1/3 tsp
Chicken powder                       ½ tsp

Wassabi Mayonnaise              250gm
Thai sauce                                 20gm


1.       Marinade prawns for 20 minutes. After marinade, add egg and wheat flour. Mix well.
2.       Hit wok and add oil
3.       Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.
4.       Dish and Drain.
5.       Pour prawns into a clean bowl and mixed well with sauce
6.       Garnish with salad vegetable, fresh fruits, top with salmon roe.
7.       Ready to be served.

Remark: The recipe ingredients is sufficient to serve for 10 pax.